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5th Newsletter (Winter 2011)

4th Newsletter (Winter 2010)

3rd Newsletter (Winter 2009)

2nd Newsletter (Spring 2007)

1st Newsletter  (Fall 2006)

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The Color of Freedom
by Laura Coppo

Internationally acclaimed Indian activists and visionaries, S.Jagannathan and Krishnammal Jagannathan, are the subjects of the stirring oral biography, The Color of Freedom, by Laura Coppo. Coming from markedly different backgrounds, these two Gandhian revolutionaries played important roles in the struggle for Indian independence, the nonviolent land reforms of the 1950s and 1960s, the struggle against untouchability, and are now fiercely engaged against the environmental destruction wrought by multinational aquaculture interests on the coast of south India.

Laura Coppo, conducted her interviews in English, however English is neither the native language of Krishnammal and Jagannathan, nor Ms. Coppo, who is Italian. The author then translated the interviews into Italian, forming the basis for her book, Terra Gamberi Contadini Ed Eroi, published in 2002. A year later, David Albert met with Ms. Coppo and translated the book back into English as The Color of FreedomThe book has also been translated into the native language of Krishnammal and Jagannathan, Tamil, under the title No Weapon, No Bloodshed.  Recently, it has been translated into French, but it has not yet been published.

Click here to read David Albert's Introduction to The Color of Freedom.

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Land for Tillers' Freedom (LAFTI): A Short History
by Aliyah Meena Shanti

For a copy of this short history of LAFTI, click  here  


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