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Friends of LAFTI Projects in the U.S.


The Friends of LAFTI Foundation is developing a speaker's bureau with representatives around the United States. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about LAFTI or request a speaker for your group, school, or organization. We will try to accommodate your request.



A LAFTI house costs roughly $3,000 to build. Each house requires 15,000 bricks. 15,000 dimes ($1,500) builds a house, with the foundations paid for by the villagers themselves, and roofs often donated by government agencies. This is a great project for faith communities, community groups or schools. Create a Dime Bank, and see how quickly you can build a house!

Click here to print Dime-A-Brick labels (use Avery labels #5163 or #8163).  Put them on jars, pass them out to your friends, and get everyone started collecting dimes and building houses in India.  Send us an e-mail when you start a Dime-A-Brick bank and let us know where you live.  When you fill the bank, cash in the dimes and send a check to the Friends of LAFTI Foundation.  On this website, we will list all the cities or towns participating in LAFTI's Dime-A-Brick project and the number of bricks coming from each place.  Let's have some fun with this and see how many Dime Banks we can fill across the country.


Over the years, LAFTI has provided a wide range of practical courses in building construction, agriculture, office skills, and tailoring. For $100, LAFTI can fully fund an individual's six-month training program, including all tools and materials, as well as a monthly stipend to cover the family's living expenses.

Reconstruction programs following the tsunami and LAFTI's house building project have created a great demand for masons and carpenters. Until 15-20 years ago, Dalits ("untouchables") were never allowed to be masons and carpenters (as their touch would be considered "polluting"). Times have changed, and LAFTI has successfully trained many Dalit men to fill these positions. However, there are still no female masons or carpenters. With our help, LAFTI intends to change that and help lift more families out of poverty.

LAFTI has begun to identify women who are interested in becoming carpenters/masons, and classes will begin when funding is available. This would be a terrific project for women's groups or anyone interested in long-term economic sustainability.


For $25, individuals can purchase a goat for an Indian family. Actually, the funds go into a loan fund. After a woman saves about $5, a loan is provided for the other $20. (LAFTI is quite insistent that, other than to meet children's needs, nothing should be given for free.) The loan is repaid over time through the sale of the goat's offspring and/or milk products, even while nutrition in the family is improved. A goat purchased through other well-known programs normally costs $120 - we can do it for about a fifth of that because of our lack of overhead. This would be a great holiday gift for the person who already has everything, as well as a joint gift that can be given by the children in our families.

The Friends of LAFTI Foundation also helps LAFTI purchase dairy cows for village communities.  A good dairy cow produces 4 gallons of milk each day.  At this rate, 64 children could receive an 8-ounce glass of milk daily, turning malnourished children into healthy girls and boys.  A $300 donation would buy one cow.


Waterborne diseases are a leading cause of childhood mortality in India.   By developing locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and health and hygiene education programs, LAFTI is improving the lives of children and their families.   Each new home, built by LAFTI workers, now includes a latrine and a biosand water filter.  

A donation of $50 will cover the cost of constructing the latrine.  A $25 donation for a biosand water filter covers production, delivery, and training expenses.


Check out the following charitable gift-giving ideas. Print the donation form and send it to the Friends of LAFTI Foundation, along with your donation. If you include your gift recipient's name and the purpose of your charitable gift (such as, birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.), we will send you a personalized card for the recipient of your gift.

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